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Morestone Constructions

Morestone Constructions faced a significant challenge on one of their job sites. The ground was extremely soft and boggy, which made it challenging for their machinery to move around efficiently. The site in question was a residential home that was being landscaped. However, the new home was built on a slope, and the muddy space made it difficult to work on. The coming weeks' forecast predicted rainy weather, which meant that they had to find a solution to continue working on the site.

Ground Nurse came to the rescue by providing them with four Heavy-Duty LDPE ground protection mats. These mats were suitable for Morestone Constructions' specific needs and could provide the necessary traction for their machines, such as excavators and a bobcat. With these mats, they were able to move their heavy machinery around with ease and support them on the soft ground.

The use of the mats also provided a solution for the homeowner. With each passing day, the project continued, the ground became more and more dug up, making it more expensive to flatten the ground and lay new turf. The mats helped prevent further damage to the ground, reducing the overall cost of the project.

Thanks to Ground Nurse's Heavy-Duty LDPE ground protection mats, Morestone Constructions was able to work efficiently on the residential home's landscaping project. The mats provided the necessary stability and support needed for their machinery to move around without getting stuck in the soft, boggy ground.

Stone Shape Constructions

Stone Shape Constructions faced a problem where their heavy-duty trucks and cranes were damaging the soft turf on many of their work sites. The delicate grass required extra care and attention when working on and around it. As a result, Stone Shape went in search of a suitable solution to protect the grass.

After researching various options, Stone Shape decided to purchase six Heavy Duty LDPE Ground Nurse ground protection mats. These mats were ideal for their needs and could support up to ten tonnes per axle. They provided a stable and secure surface for their heavy machinery to move around the site without damaging the grass. The durability of the mats meant that they did not need to be replaced frequently, which helped Stone Shape save money in the long run.

Using the Ground Nurse mats improved the efficiency of their job sites, as they no longer needed to worry about the grass being damaged by the trucks and cranes. The mats allowed them to work with ease and move around the site without any hindrance.

Ground Nurse was pleased to offer Stone Shape Constructions a solution that met their specific needs and solved their pesky problem. The mats provided a cost-effective way to protect the grass while allowing Stone Shape to continue its work efficiently. The use of these mats improved the overall quality of their job sites, ensuring that they were left in excellent condition after the completion of the project.

Sydney Transport

Sydney Transport faced a significant challenge when they discovered that their site was built on reclaimed swamp land. The swampy nature of the site meant that it was delicate and soft, and posed a potential risk to the stability of heavy machinery and equipment that needed to be used on the site. This presented a major problem for the construction team, as they needed to ensure that their workers and equipment were safe, while also completing the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

The team decided to use Super Heavy Duty Ground Nurse protection mats. These mats were specifically designed to provide added stability and support when working on soft, swampy ground. By placing the mats on top of a built-up ballast, the site was transformed into a stable and safe space for construction work to continue.

One of the major benefits of using the Super Heavy Duty Ground Nurse protection mats was their load-bearing properties. They were able to support up to 80 tonnes per axel load, making them ideal for use with heavy machinery such as 50-tonne cranes. This ensured that the equipment could be used safely and effectively on the site, without posing a risk to the workers or the stability of the site.

The mats were also very versatile and easy to use. They were laid like tracks, which made site access much simpler and more efficient. Additionally, they helped to evenly distribute the weight of the cranes over the ballast, which provided added support to the originally reclaimed swamp land. Swampy ground is known to be prone to ground movement, especially under the weight of heavy machinery.

Not only did they provide added stability and support to the site, but they also saved time and money, while ensuring that site work could be completed safely and efficiently.

Seasons Constructions

Seasons Construction was facing a challenge with footpath damage caused by heavy construction machinery. This problem was affecting the safety of the site, and it was not unique to this particular project similar issues were being faced on many of their sites. Recognizing the need for a solution, they began to search for a way to address this issue.

After researching various options, Seasons Construction came across the Super Heavy Duty Ground Nurse protection mat. They decided to purchase one of the mats for a trial run on one of their sites. They found the product information online, where they were impressed by the affordable price and fast, efficient customer service.

The Super Heavy Duty Ground Nurse protection mat is designed to provide a barrier between the heavy construction machinery and the footpath, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of the site. The mat is made of durable materials that are able to withstand the weight and pressure of the heavy machinery.

The footpath was protected from damage, and the efficiency of the construction work increased. The mat made it easier for the machinery to move in and out of the site, without compromising the safety of the footpath.

Based on the success of the trial, Seasons Construction plans to use the Ground Nurse protection mat on many of their sites where heavy machinery causes damage to footpaths. The Ground Nurse protection mat has proven to be an effective solution that meets safety and budgetary needs.